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Corporate Leadership

Dr. Abdul Aziz Sultan
Donna Sultan
President & Chief Executive Officer
Ali Dashti
Sr. Vice President & Partner
Greg Karpinski
Sr. Vice President, Operations
Mark Jamieson
Managing Director, Project Management International
Chris Fannin
Managing Director, InSite-An Affiliated Practice of KEO
John Lister
Co-Executive Director & Design Director, KEO Design
Tony Brania
Co-Executive Director & Business Strategy and Governance Director, KEO Design
Awni Farah
Vice President, KEO-PM-CM Corporate
Luca Vigliero
Design Director
Amin Jazayeri
Director of Architecture
Mark Jamieson
Director of Infrastructure Services, KEO Infrastructure
Clive de Villiers
Managing Director, C-Quest-An affiliated practice of KEO
Christian Millar
Director of Sustainability and Environmental Services
Andrey Danchev
Director of Structural Engineering
Martin McFadden
Director of MEP Engineering
Maher Muhyeddeen
Country Manager & Executive Director, CM/CS Services, Qatar
Brad Batcheller
Managing Director, KEO-Corporate Business Development
Ayub Ibrahim
Group Finance Director
Wayne Innis
General Counsel and Director, Contracts & Claims
Ann de Villiers
Vice President, Human Resources
Alyssa Sultan
Managing Director, KEO-Facilities Management & Administration
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