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Country Manager & Executive Director, CM/CS Services, Qatar

Maher Muhyeddeen brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the engi-neering and construction field, gained from renowned construction firms, contrac-tors and consultancies in the United Kingdom, Kuwait and Qatar. He has an exten-sive experience in both the private and public sectors working on iconic projects in many countries. He has successfully managed the various stages of the project de-livery lifecycle including tender and post tender, design and build, and construction management and supervision.

Maher has recently taken on the role of KEO’s Qatar Country Manager. This will be in addition to his existing role as Executive Director, CM/CS Services for Qatar.

Maher is a great example of the career and talent development we invest in as a firm. He joined us in 2010 as Chief Construction Manager and in a span of 7 years with the business, stepped up to become a Director of CM/CS for all Qatar projects, was quickly promoted to Executive Director in 2016 and is now taking on the dual role of Country Manager for all of Qatar. In his remit, as the Executive Director for CM/CS Services in Qatar, Maher manages about 800 professional staff over 45 projects.

The Country Manager will be supporting the work of all KEO Divisions in Qatar, help-ing them to continue with business development successes, client management functions, and will be available to provide guidance to all divisions in matters related to successful project delivery in Qatar. Particularly with our Public Sector clients. The Country Manager position spans all our business and support units in any instance that involves risk mitigation, mediation or resolution of conflicts that might arise with clients or governmental authorities, whether pro-actively or in a supporting role.‚Äč